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The 50th Anniversary Of Mhp (Nmp) In The Turkish Political Life (By The Highlights Of Events, Concepts And Symbols)

MHP's historyis an important phase of Turkish nationalism, which has survived thousands ofyears behind. The ideas advocated by MHP are the son of the consciousness ofTurkishness revealed in the Orkhon Inscriptions. The Turks; The sword of Hakk,the country of being the shadow of justice, has lived in the geographies theywent after Central Asia. They conquered the land they have made new homelandwith justice, equity, love of humanity and celadet rather than sword; theybrought order and justice, peace and tranquility. Finally Anatolia; You have toserve as the ultimate place of a gigantic and glorious historical accumulationthat has been the last stronghold of Turkishness. In the Republican Period,which gave the Anatolian Period in MHP, as a political party, the black moneyaccumulation owes. In this accumulation, there is room for everyone who servesthe Turkish case. In this accumulation; Great historical figures play a role inthe fate of our nation, from Çağrı and Tuğrul Beys to Alpaslan, Osman Gazi to SultanSecond Abdülhamit, from Enver Pasha to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. In the Ottomanlands - it is a spike in the conscience of damilet and the ideas of someintellectuals who mobilized it, if there was no separate political movement.

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ISBN 9786257457057
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Boyut 14 x 24 cm
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